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Don Imus Does Billy Sol Hargus, 66 WNBC New York | 1982

It was at KUTY, in Palmdale, California, where Don Imus began his on-air character Billy Sol Hargus, a radio evangelist named and inspired by preacher Billy James Hargis. The bit became very popular, so popular, that when Imus went to work in […]

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Imus in the Morning – Final Show; 77 WABC New York (Online Version) | March 29, 2018

““I’m going to miss you and talking to you. And what you did for me. I know you’re going to miss me… You have no idea how much I’m going to miss you.” -Don Imus This is an alternate version of the last […]

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Imus In The Morning, 66 WNBC New York | August 21 1981

Don Imus is often called “The First Shock Jock.” Some would debate that, but he did some outrageous radio for decades. With partner & newsman Charles McCord at his side, Imus did a ton of creative bits, like The Right Reverend Billy […]

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Howard Stern Talks To Don Imus, WNBC 66 New York | 1983

In the 1980s, WNBC was one of the most entertaining, personality driven radio stations in America, with names like Soupy Sales, Alan Comes, Joey Reynolds, Wolfman Jack, and of course, Don Imus & Howard Stern. The feud between Stern & Imus became […]

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Most Epic Charles McCord Tirade…EVER! Imus In The Morning, 77WABC New York | 2010

On many team radio shows, the person at the head of the show gets all the credit for the success of the show. However, for many of these shows, there is a guy on a secondary mike, or even behind the scenes, […]

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Imus in the Morning – Final Show; 77 WABC New York | March 29, 2018 Part 1

Recording Date: 03.29.2018 Station: 770 WABC New York Format: News/Talk Branded: “Where New York Comes To Talk” Ownership: Cumulus Media Featured Air Personality: Don Imus (Imus in the Morning) Contributor: Big Apple Airchecks #1,575 You have no idea… how much I’m gonna […]

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Imus Returns: Imus In The Morning, first day on 77 WABC New York | December 3, 2007

Date Of Recording: 12.03.2007 Station: 77 WABC New York, New York, USA Format: News/Talk Featured Air Personality: Don Imus Contributor: Big Apple Airchecks …The All-New Imus in the Morning Program on 77 WABC, Where New York comes to talk! Comments: It was […]

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