Gary Evong

Gary Evong, CFDR “780 Kixx Country” Halifax, NS | August 4, 1998

Date of Recording: 08.04.1998 Station: 780 CFDR Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada Format: Contemporary Country Featured Air Personality: Gary Evong Contributor: Anonymous Airchexx Entry: 839 Original Comments: Our first listen to radio in the Canadian Maritimes brings us to CFDR Halifax. Known as 780 Kixx Country, this is a fully staffed, full service station with all the programming elements that make up good radio. No jingles, but plenty of classic Country liners. A full news and sports report. As your webmaster recalls from listening to Canadian AM Country stations, the AC-ish approach was and maybe still is typical. I know next to nothing about Halifax radio so perhaps one of our listeners can fill in the details.

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