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Barbara Simpson, Coast To Coast AM: 105.7 WXYV Catonsville (Baltimore) MD – Part 2 | May 18, 2003

Date of Recording: 05.18.2003 Station: 105.7 WXYV (WQSR)Catonsville (Baltimore), Maryland, USA Format: FM Talk Weekdays, Active Rock Weekends Station Slogan: “Live 105” Featured Air Personality: None (Jockless) Contributor: “Anonymous” Airchexx Entry: 1,502 Comments: In Part 1 of this 90 minute tape recording, we presented the music portion of “Live 105″‘s format. Best as we can guess, the Active/Grunge Alternative jockless music format seemed to be mostly filler for the high-profiled talk shows, as the Broadcast Day really begins with Howard Stern in the Morning – obviously prior to his moving to Sirius/XM, and one might argue that the entire format revolved around Stern. Perhaps someone associated with the station in 2003 knows and will chi...

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