Herb Oscar Anderson

The Radio Greats Weekend on WWZY “The Breeze” Monmouth NJ Part 1: Herb Oscar Anderson | July 2007

Date of Recording: 07.xx.2007 Station: 107.1 WWZY Monmouth, New Jersey, USA Format: Oldies Featured Air Personality: Herb Oscar Anderson (WMCA/WABC/WCBS-FM/WWZY/WOSN) Comments: Shortly after WCBS-FM brought back the Oldies format to New York City, WWZY, “The Breeze” in Monmouth NJ celebrated the careers of some legendary personalities from New York and New Jersey. Kicking off the program was a man known and loved by many from his days in the 60s at 77 WABC. Herb Oscar Anderson was first at 9:00 on this particular Saturday Morning. HOA shared his memories of WABC, Paisades Park and other landmarks, and had as his guests, Dan Ingram (via telephone), Bob Shannon and Joe McCoy. His producer: WWZY Program Director Mike Fitzgerald. HOA was an accomplished musician and sang his theme ...

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