Rick Shaw & John Mack Flanagan on 610 KFRC San Francisco | October 10, 1976

Here are over 15 minutes of pure 1970s KFRC heaven!  If WABC New York is considered the greatest Top 40 station of all time (on the East Coast), then 610 KFRC has to be it for the West. Actually, west coast Top […]

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A Tribute to John Mack Flanagan

John Mack Flanagan was one of the great broadcasters from the West Coast. Legendary, in the minds of many people, including his peers in the broadcasting industry, his many friends and his fans in the Bay Area. It’s only fitting on the […]

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John Mack Flanagan, 1330 KHYT Tucson | March 3, 1969

Date of Recording: March 3, 1969 Station: 1330 KHYT Tucson Featured Air Talent: John Mack Flanagan Contributor: Bob Jones Aircheck Entry: 1,410 Comments: The Big 133 K-Hits has that distinct Drake sound! Perhaps much of the station’s success had to do with […]

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John Mack Flanagan, 98.1 KBGG San Francisco | June, 1994

Date of Recording: June, 1994 (Exact Date Unknown) Station: 98.1 KBGG San Francisco (Current KISQ, Former KABL-FM) Featured Air Talent: John Mack Flanagan Contributor: John Mack Flanagan Aircheck Entry: 1,409 Comments: Contributor and legendary Bay Area personality John Mack Flanagan returns with […]

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