Johnny Apollo

Johnny Apollo, 1590 WWUN Jackson MS | 1968

Recording Date: 1968 (Exact Date Unknown) Station: 1590 WWUN (WHYT/WZRX) Jackson, MS (defunct) Format: Top 40 Branded: “W-One!” Featured Air Personality: Johnny Apollo (Gary Burbank) (WAKY/CKLW/WLW) Contributor: Rob Grayson (WHBQ/WKTQ/WMQM/WJDX/WMPS/WMC/WMC-FM/WKNO-FM/WKNO-TV) Aircheck #1,582     I tell ya, they all over the place tonight, we got winners, and winners, and winners and music… Curator’s Notes: Here’s a straggler that waited the four years from the time Contributor Rob Grayson sent it in to make it to the Airchexx Archives! Rob scoped this down himself from the source reel and this is as close to exactly how it would have sounded out of your car radio’s center dash speaker! Complete with reverb, sound effects and wonderful PAMS jin...

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