Rick Dees, KIIS FM 102.7 Los Angeles | Jan 12, 1995

He spang into the national spotlight in 1976, with his novelty hit, Disco Duck. Rick Dees is a radio icon. From 1981 until 2004, Rick Dees woke Southern California on L.A.’s KIIS FM. With bits like Candid Phone, The Joke of The […]

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The Rick Dees Morning Show, 102.7 KIIS Los Angeles | April, 1988

(Willard) “Hey man Mr. Helicopter how ya doin’” The man of a million voices is heard this particular morning in 1988 in an absolutely PRISTINE recording donated by our fashionably fabulous Robyn Watts, from California Aircheck, which gave us permission many years […]

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Rick Dees’ Final Show on KIIS-FM Los Angeles | February 10, 2004

How does a legend say goodbye to the second largest audience in America, not counting the then budding XM Satellite radio audience? How does this website even pay tribute to this particular morning, a day which many observers mark as one of […]

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