Stew Robb

Stew Robb, 56 WHBQ Memphis | 1976

We just been in contact with the police department concerning a traffic light at Watkins & Chelsea? Checked to see if it’s been stolen or not! A bit of tongue in cheek humor about a traffic light being out, but it does highlight, even if snarkily, the problem with crime in certain parts of the Memphis metro area. Anyway, this isn’t about Memphis crime, its, rather, a kinda funny morning show done by Stew Robb. I say ‘kinda’ because some one-liners are really funny and others… well, kinda corny. As with most WHBQ, and in general, RKO General-owned radio stations, this includes DJ patter going into and coming out of commercial breaks, after station jingles and pretty much anywhere the talent can get a word in. Speaking of jingles, WHBQ jingles are heard out...

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