WWDC DC-101 Washington DC

The Greaseman on DC101, WWDC Washington D.C. | 1986

Grease was a master storyteller, who would tell tales & sing songs every morning.

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1410 Hartford 1410 New Britain, WPOP, WNBC, The Greaseman, All News Radio, Good Guys

The Greaseman, WPOP Hartford | March, 1975

Thumbing through the vast unposted tape collection here at the Airchexx studios we stumbled upon this vintage scope of Doug Tract, AKA The Greaseman at WPOP Hartford toward the end of both his tenure and[…]

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1460 WAXC Rochester NY

Composite: 1460 WAXC Rochester | 1974

Date of Recording: 1974 (exact date unknown) Station: 1460 WAXC Rochester, New York Featured Air Talent: Robert Craig Savage, Tom Birch, The Greaseman, Larry White Contributor: Steve Bleecker Date of Contribution: 08.09.2016 Aircheck Entry: 1,431[…]

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