“Catfish” Tom Kelly, 99.1 WQIK Jacksonville | September 18, 1996

99.1 Jacksonville WQIK

Here’s an almost perfect scope of The Hit Kicker during a late-Summer weekend. The year is 1996, although on the tape provided it says 1994… but your webmaster was doing Country radio in 1996 and played the same currents at KOUL Corpus Christi, so I know better.

One thing I always really liked about WQIK was the jingles. I can’t remember the package I heard but it had to have been some kind of retro CHR package. In 1992 I was in Jacksonville while stationed on the USS Samuel Eliot Morison and listened to WQIK’s AM signal (at that time it was an AM/FM simulcast) using an old R-390 receiver. Now, an R-390 has a number of bandwidth settings, the top of which is super-wideband, so listening to this station, on its AM signal, with reverb in the audio chain on that receiver was like listening to vintage WABC on a Summer night in New York. WQIK sounded, to me, like an old 70s Top 40 station set to Country music, although by the time of this aircheck, its more typical of Country radio.

Catfish Tom Kelly is featured on this 14 and a half minute scope, on a Saturday show where he promotes an upcoming fair and chats with callers with their requests.