Tom Lucas, CFUN 1410 Vancouver BC | March 23, 1977

1410 Vancouver CFUN CKVN

From Bob Gilmore’s personal collection, here’s a great ‘check of Tom Lucas having a great time on MusicRadio C-FUN! The approach sounds like a combination of WCFL with KHJ imaging/jingles, if there could be such an animal. This is high energy at its best, and of course, for you youn’uns out there, this was on AM before it turned into a barren wasteland of senseless psychobabble.

Listen to the reverb… it’s cranked to the level of WABC around the same time period. The jingles are from TM (IIRC), and ‘The Luker (pronounced Luke – er) is a screamer.

C-FUN is giving away money – if they call out your license plate you’ve only got a few minutes to call the station and claim your prize! The production is well done, the station not over-processed except for the reverb, and the jingles are used infrequently… in all, a VERY well done radio station. This is what Top 40 was all about!

There is a great website that describes the early history of Top 40 CFUN, you can read it all at this link.