Chris Bailey, WAXC Rochester | 1974

1470 WAXC Steve Bleecker Larry Black Don Ryan Bob Savage Rochester AM

This aircheck has a few surprises for our listeners. Not only is Chris Baily a talented jock, but a famous one, as it turns out – Charlie Tuna. No, not THAT Charlie Tuna, a guy in Cleveland. Actually, the real story is described by Contributor Steve Bleecker:

This is Jim Rafte ! He now resides in Dover Delaware . Shortly after working for Larry White (P.D.) at WAXC, Jim, who used the name Chris Bailey at WAXC , was hired by The REAL Chris Bailey (WRKO)…and became “Charlie Tuna” at “G 98” WGCL, Cleveland, Ohio , where he did Afternoons

Special thanks to WAXC PD Larry White for archiving this aircheck.
More to come from Contributor Steve Bleecker!

1470 WAXC Steve Bleecker Larry Black Don Ryan Bob Savage Rochester AM


  1. Steve Bleecker

    This was recorded at WAXC (Waxceee) in the “Old” WHEC bldg…on East Ave., downtown Rochester….Big solid, HEAVY Studio doors, Old yellowed linoleum floors…and each jock, yes, had an Engineer who sat across from us…behind that glass window! The station moved to 50 Chestnut St., just “around the corner” a year or so later…but Chris Bailey sat in the air chair, here in the “Old Bldg.”, with some of Radios GREATS…The Greaseman, Dave Mason, Tom Birch, Larry Black, Bob Savage, Larry White, to name but a few. Our Chris Bailey became Charlie Tuna…because Chris Bailey (RKO) said so…at G/98, Funny Irony ! Jim Rafte …a very nice guy…supported by his loving wife Barbara of…how many years, Jim ?!! Chris Bailey, Charlie Tuna…and Later…Jim Jordan in Baltimore…all “Rolled into One”!

  2. Steve Bleecker

    Chris cross-promotes Dave Mason in this clip…Dave Mason, who has just assumed Ass’t. Programming Duties at KEARTH 101 / Los Angeles ! Yup…WAXC had QUITE the Jock Roster !

  3. Steve Bleecker

    Dave Mason…@ KEARTH ~9-16-2013

  4. Jim Rafte was at WENE with us..Dave Mason was under name of Dave Roe..and I think Jim had just come to us or was going to WAMS Wilmington Delaware..1972-73 was a ball working at those central new york stations..thanks Steve for the uploads. I left WENE to go to WOLF in Syracuse..most everyone else went to Rochester..what a time!

  5. Steve Bleecker

    Jeff Laurence…were you, maybe, at any time at either WFLY, Albany/Troy OR in the Fall River /Pawtucket, R.I. markets ? Your name seems so familiar to me !

  6. mike hotaling

    upstate new york had some of the best major market sounding stations in the country nobody else knew about… our little secret I guess…

  7. Jim Rafte

    Those were great times and great talents glad to be a part of that group!

  8. Al Gordon

    I was Chris’s board engineer for this aircheck. I also sat across the glass a lot for Steve Bleecker and Dave Mason.

    • Jim Rafte

      Great board operator! Had lots of good times together.

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