Chris Roberts, “Happy Days” Weekend; 1190 WOWO Ft. Wayne | June 26, 1977

1190 Ft. Wayne WOWO
Chris Roberts Promotional Glossy – 1190 WOWO

Recording Date: 06.26.1977
Station: 1190 WOWO Ft. Wayne (Wikipedia) (Website)
Format: Top 40 (Today:) News Talk
Branded: “Eleven-Ninty WoWo
Featured Air Personality: Chris Roberts
Contributor: Russ Horton
Total Time: 35:19 (Telescoped)







If you got time, you might as well slide another one in there

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Curator’s Notes:

Here’s a cool recording of Chris Roberts, spinning the hot wax on a “Happy Days” Weekend. Roberts gets the authentic late 1950s sound of jock patter right, complete with lots of Do-Wop and light reverb.