Dick Purtan, 95.5 WCZY Detroit | September 20, 1988

Date of Recording: September 20, 1988 Contributor: Russ Horton Station: 95.5 WCZY Detroit Featured Air Talent: Dick Purtan (WCZY, CKLW) Comments: Courtesy of Contributor Russ Horton (above), Detroit’s “Z-95.5” gets its first listen since the station changed formats a long time ago. […]

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John Sachs, Capitol Radio 95.8 London (U.K.) | April, 1989

Bobby Brown‘s “Prerogative“, in at the chart at number 6 on Capitol. It’s half past two… From Contributor Bob Jones comes this high-quality, fantastic listen to one of the UK’s few independent radio stations. This one is GOOD, The jock in charge […]

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Don Daynard, Erin Davis and Mike Marshall, 98,1 CHFI Toronto | October 16, 1996

Next set we’ll play “Stump the Chump”… Become an Airchexx Supporter! Courtesy of Contributor Russ Horton (DMoos.com/fm108.ca/udjs.com). This is a decent quality recording, albeit in monaural. The first three-quarters or so is the Don Daynard and Erin Davis morning show. Paul Cook […]

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Bob Stewart, Capital Gold 1548 AM London | January 21, 1996

Bob Stewart (left) and friends, legends of U.K. Broadcasting Courtesy of Contributor Russ Horton, we have a unique recording of a DJ whose voice sounds quite similar to “The Duke of Louisville”. It’s not him, of course, but Bob Stewart definitely has […]

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Gary Owens, 910 KEWB Oakland CA | July 7, 1959

The career of Gary Owens was so long, and filled with so much success that the written work about him fills volumes. Gary Owens is heard here at almost the start of his long broadcasting career, at 910 KEWB Oakland. We have […]

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Tony Prince, 1520 (199 Meters) Radio Caroline North | March 1, 1966

Here is a slightly restored (to remove noise and enhance the fidelity) aircheck of Tony Prince, donated to us by Russ Horton. There is a huge connection here, in that, Tony Prince is still very active in radio and in 2018, launched […]

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Chuck Chandler, 630 CHED Edmonton, Alberta | February 14, 1979

Recording Date: 02.14.1979 Station: 630 CHED Edmonton, Alberta (Wikipedia) (History of Canadian Broadcasting) (Website) Format: (Then) Top 40 (Now) News/Talk/Sports Ownership: Corus Entertainment Featured Air Personality: Chuck “The Chucker” Chandler Contributor: Russ Horton Total Time: 9:34 (Telescoped)     …You can make […]

Tagged 630 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, CHED, Chuck Chandler

Chris Roberts, “Happy Days” Weekend; 1190 WOWO Ft. Wayne | June 26, 1977

Recording Date: 06.26.1977 Station: 1190 WOWO Ft. Wayne (Wikipedia) (Website) Format: Top 40 (Today:) News Talk Branded: “Eleven-Ninty WoWo” Featured Air Personality: Chris Roberts Contributor: Russ Horton Total Time: 35:19 (Telescoped)             If you got time, you […]

Tagged 1190 Ft. Wayne, Chris Roberts, Westinghouse, WOWO

Humble & Fred 102.1 CFNY Toronto | March 21, 1991

Recording Date: 03.21.1991 Station: 102.1 CFNY (Brampton) Toronto, Ontario Format: Modern Rock Branding: “FM 102” Featured Air Personalities: “Humble” Howard Glassman, Fred Patterson (Wikipedia) (Website) Owner (At time of recording): Maclean Hunter (Present) Corus Entertainment Contributor: Russ Horton Total Time: 35:54 (Telescoped) […]

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Fred Latremouille, CFUN Vancouver BC | October 30, 1991

Date of Recording: 10.30.1991 Station: 1410 CFUN (CJCE/CFCQ/CKMO/CFUN/CKVN) Vancouver, BC, Canada Format: Adult Contemporary Branded: “14 C-Fun” Featured Air Personality: Fred Latremouille (10.21.1945 – 03.05.2015) Contributor: Russ Horton Total Time: 48:58 (Telescoped) Airchexx Entry: 1,558 Stu is now perusing the C-Fun cartridge […]

Tagged 1410 Vancouver, @CFUN @FredLatremoulle, Canada, CFUN, Fred Latremouille

Gerry Forbes (and friends), 1050 CHUM Toronto | October 19, 1988

Date of Recoding: 10.19.1988 Station: 1050 CHUM Toronto Format: Gold Based Adult Contemporary Branded: “Ten-Fifty Chum” Featured Air Personality: Gerry Forbes, others Contributor: Russ Horton (original recording) Total Time: 27:15 (Telescoped – Two Stop Sets intact, Includes two newscasts) Airchexx Entry: 1,557 […]

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“Psychedelic Sunday”, 107.1 CILQ Toronto | February 2, 1986

Date of Recording: 02.02.1986 / 1145am to 12:30pm Station: 107.1 CILQ Toronto, Ontario, Canada Format: Album Rock Featured Air Personalities: Derringer, Andy Frost Contributor: Russ Horton Airchexx Entry: 1,464 …We’ll be taking 107 phone calls at that point Comments: This high-quality cassette […]

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