Chuck Blore CBS Radio Advertising Demo | 1967

CBS Radio News

CBS Radio Advertising Demo – Chuck Blore – *RARE* – 1967

Courtesy: Alan Tolz

This is a rare CBS radio advertising demo. It was created by Chuck Blore. Originally a deejay and program director under Gordon McLendon, Chuck Blore was a radio visionary, who always wanted radio to be full of fun, excitement, & creativity. He made 98 KFWB Los Angeles larger than life. When Chuck left KFWB, he started an ad agency designed to create novel campaigns meant to get your attention, sell the product, and of course, entertain!

This recording was produced by Blore, for advertisers, to give them an example of what their creative radio ads could sound like, by giving them examples of successful ads that were already on the the air on CBS. Recordings like this were normally never heard by the public. -Ellis

CBS Radio News

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