Chuck Knapp, 68 WRKO Boston | August, 1967

WRKO in 1967… the call letters scream Bill Drake, but in this aircheck, the signature Drake sound, and jingles, are not there. In fact, when WRKO launched, in March of ’67, the station launched without the talents of the talented consultant. You’ll also hear some slight reverb on this recording. WRKO DID, in fact, use reverb before the Drake consultancy. The exact timeline of WRKO events is listed at, at this link.

Chuck Knapp has a very upbeat show. He also screams “Your Leeeeadddder”, much like Jackson Armstrong. Or, perhaps Armstrong heard it here first. No matter. This is a GOOD recording, one that hasn’t seen the light of day until now.


  1. Lee Leonard

    Two winners in beantown that year 68 WRKO and the Red Sox. Best thing dinner under $5 for two that year.

  2. Scooter Livingston

    Chuck Knapp will ALYS be OUR LEEEEEEDER BABY!!!!!!!!!

  3. Chet Flattery

    IIRC,It was after labor Day When The Drake jingles started up.Really liked the original 680.In general I still liked the station anyway.

  4. Johnny Morgan

    Armstrong was using the Your Leader scream a year earlier at WIXY. By this point, Big Jack was on 50kw WKYC.

    So, Knapp may have heard of it there, or heard about it from Al Gates, who was PM drive at WIXY while Armstrong was there.

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