Composite: 1020 KTNQ Los Angeles, “The New Ten-Q”


Listen to the collection of voices in this long composite! Narrated by Jimi Foxx, this includes the station’s 1976 launch, then continues on to profile the (then) current airstaff and their ratings performance.

I’m guessing that this was produced in 1977, perhaps as a sales tool or for an industry trade publication. This was contributed by Matt Seinberg at BigAppleAirchecks, and unfortunately I don’t know who his source was for this particular aircheck.

I’ll leave the detailed description to those more knowledgeable about KTNQ, in the comments section below. Feel free to add your opinions to the discussion!

3 Replies to “Composite: 1020 KTNQ Los Angeles, “The New Ten-Q””

  1. Matt Seinberg

    I got a 10″ reel to reel tape directly from Jimi Foxx at 10Q right after the station signed on. It was a sales presentation tape, but who cared? I wanted to hear the station, and to this day it’s one of my favorite airchecks. I was working at a telephone survey company that had outgoing WATS lines, so I got to make free long distance calls on my breaks, and I always called radio stations. Not only did I get this tape, but I also won a 10Q t-shirt!

  2. Dianne Bartlow

    I started as an intern from CSULB doing promotional and marketing surveys in Hollywood and then working full time in the news and programming divisions-what a ride in Top 40 rock radio.

    Dianne Bartlow

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