Composite: 107.9 WXKS-FM Medford (Boston) | February 8, 2000

107.9 FM Boston Medford Kiss 108 WXKS-FM WWEL-FM Dale Dorman Matt Siegal JJ Wright JoJo Kincaid Matty in the Morning

Its finally 2000. Four years after Telcom ’96 began the steady stream of consolidation of radio groups, most of the major market stations are still live and intact.

This is Boston! One of America’s greatest hotbeds of Radio Talent, and one of the best who ever did it, the late, legendary Dale Dorman starts off this late afternoon/evening composite showcasing the incredible variety of music that this one time Urban-leaning CHR giant was playing!

Two things about this aircheck that stick out, aside from the music. First, this is Dale Dorman’s final hour for the day. In the 5pm hour we should be hearing more of Uncle Dale, but sadly, Dorman was obviously hemmed in by the format. But we do get to hear an upbeat Dale Dorman, apparently happy this particular day (but he always sounded happy on the air!). Second, YOU, the listener, don’t notice it but I did while editing… I often leave airchecks like this, some 14 years old, with the commercial breaks remaining in. My theory is, at some point in time, even the most mundane commercials have some historical value. But aside from some station promos and one spot for a nightclub, I edited out the stop sets, because these 7-9 minute commercial breaks are a killer. Probably an audience killer as well, I can just imagine the button pushing that occurs when the stop sets start… half the audience probably flipped to WBMX. But I digress.

Second half of this aircheck features Artie the One Man Party. This guy’s good. Uptempo, a few less spots starting at 6pm… but they bury everything in 50 minute music sets so that listeners think there’s fewer commercials. Oh, 6pm? Cue Anthony Silva’s newscast on WBZ.

While this is scoped, this really IS a good aircheck. Be amazed listening to Kiss-108 opening with Country group Lonestar’s “Amazed” (okay, my pet peeve here, they took a great Country song and took out the steel guitars and turned it into a mushy pop song. Eeewww.). Listen for lots of Pop-Rock and Boy Bands… and Ricky Martin (another Eeewww… just sayin’!).

One final note. There’s one thing about this which made Kiss-108 stand out. Imaging voiced by the great Ernie Anderson! And the production was absolutely TOP NOTCH! What else did you expect from Jeff Berlin?

J.J. Wright Dale Dorman WXKS-FM Kiss-108 680 Boston WRKO

Aircheck #1,300 since May 2, 2002!

Aircheck courtesy of Big Apple Airchecks

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