Composite: 1170 KCBQ San Diego, Early 1970s

1170 San Diego KCBQ

1170 San Diego, KCBQ“The Last Contest”. While not a ‘national’ contest (those are more of a modern era thing representative of rampant consolidation), KCBQ was the first station to do it. The contest was so successful that other stations copied it around the United States.

KCBQ had been one of San Diego’s first Top 40 stations, having been in the format from 1955. KGB (AM) entered the format AFTER KCBQ! By 1971, the station was a high-energy, personality oriented Top 40 outlet, although because of it’s directional signal, it was difficult to hear just 20 miles from it’s transmitter site. This, despite being a 50kw station by day. Most of the RF energy was directed out into the Pacific Ocean!

This composite is of a very high quality, both in terms of audio quality and production. While there were no liner notes accompanying the tape, I suspect this may have been used as a sales demo for prospective clients.


Don Fox
Bill Moffet
Van Gwin (I couldn’t really make out this guys name. Could be Pat Gwin or something else)
Dave Conley
Gene Knight
Lenny Mitchell

Listen closely! This moves along so fast that if you don’t pay attention you’ll miss something!

Available in two formats. Audio only immediately below and in YouTube Video below that

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  1. Sojouner Gary

    I think the Pat Gwin is actually Matt Quinn. He worked at KILT in Houston after this gig. Recognize the voice. Hope it helps!

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