October 19, 2021

8 thoughts on “Composite: 690 WAPE Jacksonville | September 16, 1971

  1. Nice to hear Ted “The Bear” Richards prior his time at CKLW and then Jay Thomas prior to Z-100 and then Los Angeles.

    These are the final two jocks on this excellent aircheck.


  2. I had the supreme good fortune of spending an hour or two with Jack McCoy, when I dropped in unannounced to leave a 5 inch aircheck. He listened to it with me, critiqued it, and toured me. This was when Jay Thomas was there. That interview and the one with John Gehron were my two best ever. I loved the Big Ape (arrrrrrrrrrrr eye oooooooooh) The Mighty 690.

    1. I was a dj at WAPE 690 in the sixties when we brought the Beatles to Jax…
      we rocked!

  3. When I was in Charleston S.C., at WQSN 1970-72, I used to listen to The Ape everyday. Years later at my final gig as PD and PM drive at WJAS in Pittsburgh, I walking down the main hall and I run into…..Jack McCoy ! Even at 60 years old I was happy to meet him. We chatted a bit and went our ways. A week later, in the mail, I got a CD with all of “The Last Contest” promos on it. Thanks Jack …a class guy

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