Composite, 98.7 WXLO New York | 1976

98.7 New York WXLO 99X
WXLO Billboard, circa 1980

Ok, folks… everybody… take off your clothes and LETS GO!

Curator’s Notes:
This is a FUN aircheck! No reverb, the tape was a bit muddy especially the first few minutes, but you’ll laugh through much of this six minutes of RKO General heaven! Be sure to listen carefully, because this literally FLIES by!

I’m a bit confused as to the exact date. This sounds very much like 1976 by the music, but it could be early 1977, based upon the air staff. Someone out there knows.

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Heard in order:
Glenn Morgan
Terry Nelson
Steve “Smokin'” Weed
Bobby Messina
Dick Sloan

This aircheck brought to you courtesy of the Big Apple Airchecks Collection – without which we’d have a substantially smaller library!