“Wes in the Morning” – WHLI 1100 AM Hempstead, NY | Winter, 1976

1100 Garden City NY Hempstead WHLI

Matt's Big Apple Airchecks
Eleven Dollars in the EZ Money Jackpot, Twenty Dollars in the Bumper Jackpot…”

Original notes:
A $20 jackpot!!! Wow! 1976 really WAS a long time ago! Now, courtesy of BigAppleAirchecks.com, here’s ‘Wes in the Morning’ on a very MOR-ish WHLI. It’s the Bicentennial year of 1976 and it’s certainly cold out on Long Island (It’s cold in HERE as we post this!) on this particular morning. Mr. Wes, is quite a personality. You’ll like this very live and local station, featuring all the elements you’d expect from a Middle-of-the-Road station of the time, plus (infrequently used) JAM jingle cuts! (You hear ONE) VERY nice!

We’ll just look to our visitors for more information on this wonderful aircheck!

WHLI 1100 AM