Mark Sebastian & the 5 O’Clock Whistle – 103.3 WHTT Boston | March, 1985

103.3 Boston WHTT HitRadio

“Ok, I got the crew together now… I think we’re all set to go!”

Curator’s Notes:
This is a pristine recording that held up very well over the years. A donation from, this is over a year before the flip to Oldies as WODS and there couldn’t be a higher energy level anywhere than here at HitRadio 103 WHTT!

Notice during the promo about 4 1/2 minutes in, the station is starting to use it’s complete digital frequency of 103.3. It would be a while before that took hold even during the 25+ year run as “Oldies 103”.

The Boston market was very competitive during this era, with WHTT being one of four CHR stations. Here’s how the market was laid out — from memory!

92.9 WBOS – Country, as “93 WBOS”
93.7 WCGY (Lawrence) – Rock-leaning CHR/AOR hybrid
94.5 WZOU – CHR, as “Z94”
94.9 WHOM (Mt Washington NH, carried on most cable systems and receivable almost into downtown Boston) – Soft AC
95.7 WZID (Manchester NH) – Soft AC
96.1 WSRS (Worcester) – Soft AC
98.5 WROR – CHR
99.1 WPLM (Plymouth) – Standards/Beautiful Music
99.5 WSSH (Lowell) – Soft AC as “Wish 99.5”
100.7 WZLX – Classic Rock. This had been CHR WKKT, and before that, Beautiul Music WHUE, all in the 1980s
102.5 WCRB – Classical
103.3 WHTT – CHR
104.5 WXLO (Fitchburg) – Adult Contemporary
105.7 WVBF (Framingham)- Adult Contemporary
106.7 WMJX – Soft AC as “Magic 106.7”
107.3 WAAF (Worcester) – Album Oriented Rock
107.9 WXKS-FM (Medford) – CHR

I’m sure I left some stations out, but this is what the FM dial looked like around 1985. There were a lot of format and call letter changes in the market in the mid 1980s, and without looking at online data (which I could easily do but I wanted to compare my memories to reality) I *THINK* this is pretty close. Your comments (below) are most welcome.