Composite: Detroit/Windsor AM/FM | 1974

800 Windsor Ontario Detroit CKLW

1270 Detroit WXYZDate of Recording: 1974 (Exact Date Unknown)
Format(s): Various
Featured Air Personalities: Various


Some airchecks seem to need perpetual work to bring them back to life. This is one of them. First received at our studios in October, 2002, this recording suffers from tape wear and old age. The best we could do was clean up some of the distortion in Adobe Audition and re-post it. Noise reduction would simply reduce the high end frequency response and boosting the high end would bring up the tape noise. The original cassette this came on is in very delicate shape and playing it to re-record is somewhat risky, therefore we worked with the original .wav file.

In what should have been part of our “Old Gold” series (this would be tape #8), this contains clips of Detroit area radio. It was tempting to edit this and post each aircheck separately, but given the way this tape was put together, it seemed like a better idea to simply present this as heard on the tape, which contains side 1 only, therefore, the overall length of this composite and number of stations featured is really not as wide as it could be under other circumstances.

Where did this come from? Some collector, no doubt put it all together, as the Old Gold tape series we’ve had online since our first year on the web. The whole collection came to us from an anonymous source (his choice). In a bit of an explanation of this ‘anonymous’ Contributor, there are three such contributors who send in material on a regular basis. It is their wish not to be publicly announced out of their own sense of privacy. We at airchexx respect such privacy and will not divulge the names of Anonymous Contributors under any circumstances.

Stations heard on this composite include:

WHFI “Honey 95” Detroit, Michigan
CKLW Windsor, Ontario
CKLW-FM Windsor Ontario
WDRQ Detroit
WNRS Saline, Michigan
WPAG Ann Arbor, Michigan

Areal view of Detroit

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  1. Chris

    Corrections… “FM Nine Four Country” was CKLW-FM in Windsor. WNRS was AM 1290 in Saline, Michigan, a small city near Ann Arbor which did play country at that time. Also, WPAG, 1050 on the AM dial, was located in Ann Arbor, not Detroit.

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