Jim Hampton’s Radio Recall Featuring Kris Eric Stevens

Jim Hampton's Radio Recall

Date of Recording: Unknown
Station(s): 104.3 WOMC Detroit, Michigan, USA; 890 WLS & 1000 WCFL Chicago, Illinois, USA
Format: Oldies
Featured Air Personalities: Jim Hampton (WXYZ/WOMC, others); Kris Eric Stevens (WLS/WCFL)
Contributor: Jim Hampton
Airchexx Entry: 1,486

Described as perhaps one of the youngest jocks ever on WLS, Kris Eric Stevens is featured in this interview on Jim Hampton’s Radio Recall show. In it, they talk about Stevens’ career at WLS and at WCFL, as he was one of a few jocks who worked both sides of the river in one of America’s closest Top 40 battles in the early 1970s.

Radio Recall was a Podcast featured on the Motor City Radio Flashbacks website, which also airs on Classic Hits radio station 104.3 WOMC Detroit. The program has it’s own Facebook Page dedicated to it, with hundreds of followers from around the world. From the information paragraph on the Facebook Page, “Radio Recall is an oldies radio show hosted by Detroit air personality, Jim Hampton. It’s the Soundtrack of the 60’s and 70’s.

Thanks to Jim Hampton for donating this program to the airchexx archives!

Jim Hampton's Radio Recall

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  1. Randall Underwood

    Ok, I’m confused. Kris Eric Stevens….was that his real name?? Or was it John Allgood?. Did John Allgood ever work at WLS? I was in VietNam with John Allgood, and I could have sworn he said he was there. I grew up in Atlanta, and could pick up WLS at night. If John was not there, then they both sound very similar. Ole John was one of the radio DJ on AFVN in Saigon, VietNam.. I think John said he used the name Kris Stevens, ….perhaps not Eric.
    Thank you.
    Randall Underwood.
    Former Medic VietNam

    I know, I was told John Allgood passed away in 2006. Hated to hear that.
    Thanks again.

  2. Karl Phillips

    Hello my fellow Atlanta native. I am Karl Phillips. Kris Eric Stevens is his real name. Great jock. He worked at CKLW Detroit, KQV Pittsburgh, WMYQ Miami, WLS and WCFL Chicago WQXI Atlanta, KKDJ and KIIS Los Angeles. I just missed him when I went to work at QUIXIE in Atlanta in 1969. He still does voiceover work and has a website you can check out.

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