Steve Bleecker, 1460 WAXC Rochester | Fall, 1977

1460 WAXC Rochester NY

The WAXC call letters in Rochester NY have been gone for so long they don’t even show up in the FCC’s historical database. Too bad, for a station that sounded this good.

We’re in 1977 and Contributor Steve Bleecker sent this in of himself, playing the hits on a cool Autumn day. Listen and be entertained.

1460 WAXC Rochester NY


  1. Kevin Fennessy

    Wow Steve..great sound a lot like an old radio buddy of mine named Walt Cooper who was Charlie Brown and Jim Tate in Syracuse.

  2. mike hotaling

    I love this… remember listening to WAXC on many trips on the nys thruway.

  3. steve bleecker

    Thanks, guys ! Kevin, it’s funny you mention Jim Tate…I was just “on” the WOLF /Syracuse tribute site !

  4. Brian

    Sounds like you had fun doing the show!!

    • Steve Bleecker

      YES, Brian…a BLAST ! The beginning of an interesting on again-off again career …but…undoubtedly, what I always wanted to do ! What a privilege to be on WAXC…home of Legends, like Greaseman…Tom Birch, Bob Savage, Larry White, Ferdinand J. Larry Black, Dave Mason…what a LIST, ugh !!

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