QuickChexx: Bill Lee, 103.5 WAPP “Hot 103” Lake Success NY | July 29, 1985

103.5 Lake Success New York Hot 103 The Apple Pat St. John, Broadway Bill Lee Bill Lenke WKTU WTFM WAPP

New Contributor Marty Glenn Siegel has been waiting a few years for this to post. Its an excellent one, too!

Broadway Bill Lee (WTIC-FM, KFRC, WLOL, WCBS-FM) mentions he’ll be going back to Minneapolis after his show, so one has to wonder if this was an audition or just a visit. It’s mighty good to hear Lee at his rhyming best, knowing he’d be spending a lot of time in the Big Apple in times ahead.

WAPP had been an AOR (Album-Oriented Rock) formatted station until fairly recently at the time of this aircheck. It sounded like this. Prior to its Rock format, 103.5 aired Beautiful Music as WTFM. Licensed to Lake Success, NY, the station served (and still does today as Dance oriented WKTU) the greater New York City area. This is from WAPP’s CHR era.

103.5 Lake Success New York Hot 103 The Apple Pat St. John, Broadway Bill Lee Bill Lenke WKTU WTFM WAPP


  1. Aardvark

    I remember WTFM was one of the stations my parents listened to along with WRFM and WPAT-FM. I remember their transmitter along the Long Island Expressway not far from the fair grounds. Never knew where the studios were as it wasn’t until I was older that I found out where “Lake Success” is.

  2. Chris

    Always love some Bill Lee, This actually would have been just a NYC WAPP Visit, as he mentioned he was filling in Harry which would be his good friend Harry Nelson and you will also notice Bill’s wife Beth Bacall is in the studio with him. WAPP was launched and programmed by Bill’s former Boss and KFRC PD Gerry Cagle who had brought Harry Nelson, Jane Dornacker and a few other KFRC staffers, San Fran’s Bobby Ocean had spent a few months in town helping out with the Launch of WAPP. I have known Bill since his first year at KFRC and had spoke with him at WLOL and asked him if he would be joining Cagle in NYC at WAPP and he pretty much said he was staying put at WLOL for now.

  3. Chris

    Bill’s next stop after leaving WLOL was KPKE Denver before finding Broadway in New York City and becoming Broadway Bill Lee

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