Composite: WZAT Z102 Savannah | Summer, 1991

102.1 Savannah WZAT Z102

Join us now as we turn back the hands of time to 1991 and what is now a Hot AC station (one of many which were once CHR). Some GREAT talent is heard here, including Chio The Hitman (Z-100) & Ralphie (his last show on this aircheck)…

You’ll hear plenty of excitement, JAM’s then Z-100 package, lots of phones and it’s all personality hit radio!

102.1 Savannah WZAT Z102


  1. Hi Steve,

    This was a series of airchecks of some of the air talent that graced Z-102’s airwaves when they were a true CHR powerhouse BRR (before Rock Radio). Z-102 dumped the CHR format the first time around in 1993 and went Album Rock for several years. As much as I hate to admit they were successful at it (they were #1 12+).

    In 1998, Cumulus bought the station from Gulf-Atlantic Media and flipped it back to CHR. They had been a complete mess ever since.

    Anyway, some of the air talent featured here was:

    Spanky McFarland (Went to Z-100/New York after leaving Z-102. Shortly afterwards, he passed away from pneumonia)

    Stanley T. Evans (Went to Power 99/Philadelphia)

    Chio The Hitman (Went to Q106/San Diego, Z100/New York, and Q102/Philly)

    Ralphie On The Radio (Left for WOWI/Norfolk)


  2. Travis

    Sounds like the first two cuts are from the 80s, because Stanley T. was at Power 99 by early 1990.

  3. Trey

    Thanks so much for the Spanky piece. I tried for a couple of years after he died to find some of his Z102 airchecks but could only find some of his last Z100 breaks. It’s great to hear him again.

  4. mcmannors

    Judging from the “new” music, the Spanky stuff was from late 1986. He went to Z-100 around Feb of 1987, and passed away in March of 1988. And the Stanley T. breaks wewre from early 1990, judging from the “new” music.

    Great stuff.

  5. Shaler Williams

    Where in the world did you get these airchecks? I like them, but where did you get them?

    • Shaler,

      They were given to me by a former Z102 jock by the name of CJ Wilson (know on the air as CJ Hunter) back in 1993. She got her start at Z102 helping Chio out at nights, eventually graduating to an airshift of her own. After Z102, she went to Wave 104 in Myrtle Beach, SC, then to 103X in Florence, SC. At last check, she was in Louisiana, but I’ve lost track of her (CJ, if you happen to read this, “thank you”).


      • Shaler

        I know CJ well! I was Scott Birmingham back in those days. She was a part-timer at the Z. Those were good days that have passed us by.

  6. Pansy Gartner

    I use to listen to WZAT z102fm during the 1980’s.
    I remember when Spanky was working there. It was
    a very sad day when he passed away. I have an
    article that was published in the Savannah Newspaper about it. I cherish all those memories.
    At the same time I knew a dj that worked at Z102
    back during the mid to late 80’s. His name was
    Scotty McFarland. I know his real name was Brian
    Shook. We became the best of friends while I was
    growing up. We kept in touch after he moved away.
    Then when I got married after high school, I lost
    touch with him. He was a wonderful friend which
    I have really missed. I missed all the wonderful
    times we shared together. I knew he was there
    and I could count on him to tell me the truth
    and be there as a wonderful friend. He moved
    to Portland, Oregon and then shortly after that
    he moved to Los Angeles, CA for a job at Pirate
    Radio. That was the last I ever knew about him.
    I have been searching over the years to find out
    more information on him in hopes to find him and
    now more about him. I have some tapes with the
    songs and dedications he use to do over those
    few years. They are wonderful memories. Those were wonderful years.

    • Shannon

      Spanky and Stan came to my Music Careers class at Windsor Forest High School when I was in 9th grade. These air breaks made me cry to hear them again. I love the music about to play….wish I could listen to just old Z-102 from the 80’s. I remember he asked each of us what our favorite song was and at the moment it was West End Girls by the Pet Shop Boys. It was his favorite, too!

      I still have my Z-102 card, it’s yellow with blue writing!!!

  7. Dear Pansy, I was there during the Scotty era, right after Spanky and Stanley T. left…I was the new night guy there then I left to go to Wash. D.C. I was Dr. Zoom from 7-midnite…do you remember Big Mac on afternoons? circa 1989 I didnt stay there long, maybe six months, but I had a blast, I did a lot of listeners on phones and did the Hot 8 @ 8 or top 9 @ 9 or whatever it was called, anyways hit me back on email.

    • Pansy Gartner

      Dr Zoom,

      Sorry it has been so long since I posted that letter. I forgot all about it.
      My husband was killed in January 2009 and I haven’t been online much. I remember the Hot8@8. I remember Big Mac very well. As a matter of fact, I stay in touch with Big Mac. He works for Kix 96 (country station) in Savannah. It was Big Mac that provided me with Scotty’s real name. I did not realize until now that you replied to my letter. I am sorry. It has been a very long year. If you would like to get in touch with me you can reach my by my email address or I am on Facebook (Pansy Gartner). I do have some questions that I would like to ask you.

  8. Manny

    “Ralphie on the Radio” on this aircheck…is this also Ralphie Marino from NY Radio fame (Hot 97 & 103-5 KTU)?

  9. Jen

    Wow!! I loved hearing this! This just took me back to high school. I got chills!! Loved listening to Spanky and clips of the songs I loved in the 80’s!!

  10. Stuart Crosby

    I haven’t lived in Savannah in years but I have family alive or dead still there. Anyway I remember Z-102. In 2010 they changed to ESPN sports then CBS Sports Radio and last year went to NASH Icon Country which was something Cumulus created.

  11. Definitely a composite. Spanky’s opening set is clearly from mid-1986, given the music in that set. What a great station Z102 was. Now … a 0.5 12+ disaster known as “The Sound,” sunk to a new low by a company that just emerged from Chapter 11. Just bring back Z102, make it Classic Hits and put JoJo Morales on in afternoons. Get some spunky women in morning drive. Done. I0 share 25-54.

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