Darryl Fox on WWXM Mix 97.7 Georgetown/Myrtle Beach | Date Unknown

97.7 Georgetown SC WWXM Mix 97.7

Another new market for us is Myrtle Beach, where this station, formerly known as WBPR “Power 98” is heard here, retooled as an Adult CHR station. It’s certainly from the 90s and I’d guess around 1992 or so, but I’ll leave it up to our visitors to figure out when exactly.

This is a pretty tight sounding station. Anyone remember it, please remember to comment below.

WWXM Mix 97.7 Myrtle Beach


  1. I’d say this aircheck was made between November 1993 and March 1994, judging by the Jimmy Cliff remake of “I Can See Clearly Now” for the 1994 Disney movie “Cool Runnings,” plus Toni Braxton, Whitney Houston’s “Queen of the Night” earlier on which was released after “Run To You” a summer 1993 smash on AC radio, and Color Me Badd’s “Choose” that Star 94 in Atlanta added in late 1993. Plus the cold temperatures that the femlae jock had annonuced. A lot of recurrents and new golds on this station. So, 11/1993-3/1994 is my guess. Y’all’s turn.

  2. Good guessing Richard (it was January or February of 1994). Mix 97.7 signed on in late December of 1993 as a Adult-leaning CHR. The station previously was WBPR (Power 98) with a more Dance-leaning CHR and was #1 for much of the time that it was on the air, but station management had problems selling the station during the non-Summer months. They went to a more Mainstream CHR format in the fall of 1991 (complete with JAM “Turbo Z” jingles), but they could never shake off the Dance image that was created.

    By the way, this wasn’t really an “aircheck” so to speak, it was a composite of the Thompson Creative jingles that WWXM had put on the air when they signed on (for you jingle fanatics out there, the packages were “Double Barrels” and “Ultra Power”).


  3. Hey, that’s me!!!! WOW! 13 years ago, boy do I sound green! What a great time that was though. I remember the switch, I was the last voice on Power 98 and the first one Mix. We played one hour of music with no sweepers, and at 2pm we changed the station. John Kilgo was the PD, this was just before he left to join The Network 40. Greg Fry soon followed, and I left to get into country. Moved to Nashville in 97 and have been here since.

    Note to Robyn, you must be thinking of someone else, I never worked at WANS. Could we know each other from some where else?

    I will look to see if I have anymore audio from this time.

  4. Hi Temple,

    No, we’ve never worked together or competed in the same market (I worked in Columbia). Your voice is similar to another air talent that worked at WANS back in 1990-91, so that’s where I’ve got confused. I believe I do have a snippet of you during the Power 98 era from 1993 that was forward to this site. It may go on-line someday.

    You wouldn’t happen to have audio of the changeover from Power 98 to Mix 97.7? If so, may I have a copy so that I could forward it to both the Format Change Archive and Kauhna’s Power 98 tribute site?


  5. Amy

    Oh I remember Power 98! Good ole days of radio ! I was on the air there for two years and loved every minute of my gig there ! I guess when I left in august of ’92 it became Mix 97.7 ….

  6. Tim Asbill

    In the early 90″s about 1992-93 Greg Fry was a DJ there. The station played the top 9 at 9 every night and I would call in over the phone and Greg Fry would record me introducing (lead in) to some of the songs. Coming out of high school I have even went on to work in broadcasting, anyone know how to get in tough with Greg Fry E-mail me. tim.asbill@yahoo.com

    • AMY

      You’re right Greg was the top 9 at 9. I spoke to Greg years ago I think he is living in Marina Del Ray, Ca. it’s been at least 13 years since I chatted with him.

  7. Alan Rosenfeld

    Go by the songs–research the songs see what year the songs were out

  8. AMY

    I totally remember POWER 98 . I was Overnights and morning show news with Billy Smith for two years or there about. I left in august of ’92 to take a gig in San Diego.

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