Steve West
Airchexx Curator Steve West

Steve West AirchexxHello and welcome! I’m Steve West and I’m the owner/operator/curator of I’m also a longtime radio guy! With over 35 years doing radio, I think I’ve figured out what works and what doesn’t.

I do a show – the Steve West Show – that features the music, old radio jingles and airchecks from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. I even dip into the 1990s on occasion! I do this out of love of this stuff, having grown up on that music and enjoyed it even into the 1990s, and out of love for the old AM Top 40 stations, jingles and formats which were so exciting to all of us.

We listened to a *lot* of great jocks over the years. And, everyone has their own favorite. Pulling from a library of nearly 1,600 airchecks, I think I’ve got something for everyone, from country to hard rock, and an enormous library of old Top 40 stations, I think you’ll enjoy what this show has to offer!

The plan is to broadcast on Shortwave, for now. I’m in contact with WRMI International to broadcast this show, which requires some serious cash to get started. I have a goal of $400 to begin for shortwave broadcasting fees. If you would like to see this show grow and expand, I NEED YOUR HELP! Until a revenue stream can be established, I need donations to get going and maintain. Please, listen to the sample program below, then click the paypal button and donate whatever you are willing. Why? You’ll be the foundation of a program that will eventually syndicate all over the world! This show will showcase the heritage and the basis for every radio format in existence throughout the world!

Please give. Listen below!