Cousin Brucie, WCBS-FM New York Radio Greats Reunion | June 09, 1988

Cousin Bruce Morrow WCBS-FM
Cousin Brucie at WCBS-FM

Date of Recording: 06.09.1988
Station: 101.1 WCBS-FM New York
Format: Oldies
Branded: “New York’s Oldies Station
Ownership: CBS, Inc / (Today) Entercom Communications (Wikipedia)
Featured Air Personality: Bruce Morrow (Cousin Brucie) (WABC/WNBC/WCBS-FM)
Contributor: Frank Davis



Boy did I sound young!

Curator’s Notes:

This is really Part 1 of a two recording set of Cousin Brucie hosting a show on the Radio Greats Reunion. This was a Saturday, and we also have the Sunday, 6/10/1988 broadcast featuring Bruce Morrow.

This begins with a quick aircheck of Les Marshack on the overnight show in 1969 on WABC.. and right into Marshack on the phone with Bruce Morrow. They get to talking about his days at MusicRadio 77 – well, both of their days at WABC, and it just gets better from there. They went back in time with a discussion of the day Marshack took over from Roby Younge on WABC. If you haven’t heard this, its an interesting look back to when WCBS really played up 1960s radio and music… one can thank Joe McCoy for this great programming on WCBS-FM, back when it really WAS New York’s OLDIES station!


MusicRadio 77 WABC circa 1977


101.1 WCBS-FM Logo, pre Jack-FM

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