Rich Wall, 103.3 WEDG Buffalo | July 13, 2000

103.3 Buffalo WEDG The Edge

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Recording Date: 07.13.2000 / 5:40 – 6:25 pm EDT
Station: 103.1 WEDG Buffalo (Wikipedia) (Website)
Format: Modern Rock
Branded: 103.3 The Edge
Featured Air Personality: Rich Wall
Contributor: Anonymous
Total Time: 11:35 (Telescoped)

..just looking for someone to call, and ask nicely for tickets

Curator’s Notes:

Perhaps the one thing that stands out in this almost 18 year old recording is… distortion. Apparently recorded at too high a volume level, this aircheck is plagued with loudness distortion through the entire 11 minutes. It’s not terrible, but enough to give ME a headache. It only gets worse as the aircheck rolls on.

The jock is no one I’ve ever heard before, Rich Wall. I think he gives his name just once. The music is all Alternative/Grunge fare, with Metallica thrown in for good measure. Of course you’ll only hear bits of it since we must remove most of the songs to comply with copyright law. Perhaps someday we can post the full airchecks but not today.


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