Dan Williamson, 680 CFTR Toronto | July 28, 1978

680 AM Toronto, CFTR

Dan Williamson CFTRDate of Recording: 07.28.1978
Station: 680 CFTR Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Featured Air Talent: Dan Williamson
Contributor: Russ Horton
Aircheck Entry: 1,440
Date of Contribution: 08.28.2016

12:03, time to shake that thing!…


Courtesy of our biggest Canadian Contributor, Russ Horton, AKA Big Daddy (the head honcho up at D-Moos.com), we bring you another one-of-a-kind AM Top 40 classic! CFTR was the station John Records Landecker (WLS/WLS-FM Chicago) went to for a time in the 80s, and listening to this, you’ll understand why. CFTR, showcased here from 1978, has that sound; that excitement that the best AM Rockers had before burning themselves out and leaving everything to FM. The amazing thing is that while we down here in the United States (where airchexx.com hails from) never really heard of Dan Williamson, he’s just as capable and entertaining as some of the best of that era down here! And he keeps it up for the whole show!

With very little processing at all on our end, this aircheck speaks for itself as to how well the station was processed and how great the playlist was… albeit slightly different than its American brothers. In Canada, they have… and had… “CanCon” rules, meaning a certain percentage of the music played had to be from Canadian artists. Thus, a whole LOT of stations north of the border were heavy with Anne Murray, Gordon Lightfoot and so on. But it really is exciting to listen to. Someone really knew what they were doing up there selecting Canadian artists for airplay!

680 AM Toronto, CFTR


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