September 22, 2021

1 thought on “Dick Biondi on 1110 KRLA Los Angeles | April 29 1965

  1. Here was always one of my favorites and even sent me a reel-reel air check while at KRLA. What a nice guy. Thanks for all of your air checks. I worked in Phoenix For the late Steve Rivers at KOPA & programmed KXAM-1440 am daytimer took it from a 0 to a 4.6 in 1 book then when across the street with the late Jay Stone to destroy them at KUKQ-AM. Also worked for the late Tom Bigby as ast Pd for KFI in it’s waning music days as well as for Bill Young at Kilt-Am& Fm. I ‘ll see if I have any air checks for you. Do you have any of Steve Lundy who worked also at Kilt before I got there as well as WLS, KFRC, WNBC, KROQ. If so I would love to hear them !

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