September 21, 2021

2 thoughts on “Dick Purtan, 95.5 WCZY Detroit | September 20, 1988

  1. Several comments. Did Domino’s really have all those varieties of pizza mentioned in the first minute? I myself like plain cheese with lots of sausage. Also liked the “yo mama’ exchange, and, at 6:18, where the reporter went missing in the Seoul red-light district. At 6:50, something interesting about “Loco-Motion”. As many people know, Grand Funk did a cover version (topped the charts in ’74). They were from the Detroit area. Also Bill Withers’ “Lean on Me” topped the charts in ’72.

  2. 95.5 is now WDTW, the call letters representing the Detroit airport. Also, WCZY was on 1500 after 1500 dropped the WDEE calls. WDEE was country, and a joke was that WDEE stood for “We’ve Done Everything Else”. WDTW is now owned by iHeartMedia.

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