September 23, 2021

5 thoughts on “Dick Summer, 95.5 WPLJ New York | 1973

  1. It would’ve had to be sometime after March 30, 1973, as that was the date given for Jane Fonda’s speech. Also, she was hanged in effigy on a college campus. Hard to see that happening to a liberal nowadays. Also, WABC-TV is no longer co-owned with WABC-AM and WPLJ. The TV station is owned by The Disney Company, while the radio stations are owned by Cumulus Media. Some of the songs played here surprised me, as I thought ‘PLJ was strictly hard rock by that time. Thanks for the ‘check.

  2. Also, it should be WNBM, not WMBN. WNBM is in Bronxville, NY, and is indeed 103.9. I looked up 103.9 FM at Wikipedia, and got my info from there.

  3. This one was fairly easy to date. I’m gonna date this as Friday April 13, 1973. The aircheck refers to an Israeli raid on Beirut which took place on April 10th, reference in the newscast refers to the raid “on Tuesday”, and the talk of the weather looking ahead refers to the weekend. Finally, the promo for the “In Concert” show refers to “tonight”. The show aired on Friday nights on ABC-TV

  4. Jay is correct—this is from Friday, April 13, 1973. The promo for “In Concert” is the clue.

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