October 17, 2021

11 thoughts on “Imus in the Morning – 66 WNBC New York | September 9, 1979

  1. Well, maybe Mr. Imus will change his ways. Although he is up there in age, it’s never too late for him to rid his racist behavior. Maybe his heavy drug and alcohol abuse from his younger days, screwed up his brain?? Nah, excuses can’t be made. May he rest in peace?

  2. Great memories. But the date was 9/3/79. I was married the day before on 9/2/79. (the Sunday before Labor day).

  3. I loved this aircheck of Imus and I loved his recent TV and Radio programs that he had before cancellation. I trust he will return so he can go out as a true legendary radio announcer and I think he will.

  4. Im a senior in college. Comm major and dabbled a bit in radio and Imus is one of my broadcast idols. Like hearing this classic material from the I-Man.

  5. I like the New York flavor when the little guy goes, “Quack, Quack”. Don Imus is real personality. Used ta listen ta Imus and da Wolfman while driving across the desert in Oregon at night. Insulting someone like the General Manager or other DJ is like you love the person if it is done “tongue in cheek”. Charles McChord! NBC! They were all good and can still be heard thanks to Airchexx.Com

  6. One Important fact left out- the creep who fired Imus in 1977- none other than one of the ruiners of radio, Bob Pittman…I can just hear that stupid promo of his with the more music less talk garbage “and no echo…” Not that he and Lew care, but they do wonder why “nobody listens to terrestrial radio anymore…”

    1. Al, I think you have to take it one step further – They actually THINK people ARE listening. Sure. That’s why the most popular and lucrative sales format is Classic Rock / Classic Hits. In fact, not just Classic Hits, but those who use the classic JAM WABC cuts and allow the jocks to cut loose a bit. But ‘people’ are a liability and hurt the bottom line. The music sucks as well. Listen to so many hits, no guitars, major keys with people singing in unison. Or rap crap with every foul word imaginable. The ‘kids’ eat it up, not having heard anything from 1979-80 (just random years, mind you)…. I’ll stop now as it’s time for work.

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