September 23, 2021

19 thoughts on “Dick Summer; “Mouth vs Ear”, 97.1 WYNY New York | January 1979

  1. I remember WYNY from this period, including Dick Summer’s show on that station, but I had forgotten about the “Mouth vs. Ear” segment thereof. (I do remember the “Summer Secret Sneaky Sound” call-in segment (in which callers had to guess what the mystery sound, if you will, was) (which he also had on WNBC well into its first stint as an AC station).)

  2. I remember listening to “Mouth vs ear” in the late 70’s ESP ’79’ My husband & I would stay up as long as we could stay awake and try to come up with answers. I really enjoyed it and miss it!

  3. Ah, memories. Back in New Jersey after a first date we went back to her place. Low lights, candles and Mouth vs Ear on the radio.

    There was just something unique and special about listening to someone on the radio. It gave a feeling that we were not alone and we were sharing the night with friends.

    I have never forgotten that night or how much I enjoy good talk radio.

    I think our culture is missing out by not having access to this kind of entertainment.

    Thanks for the memories, Dick Summer….I am sorry I am not better at communicating what an impact your show had on me.

  4. I fondly remember listening to the show during my college years. It was very original and entertaining. Wish there were more clips.

  5. i recently found some of the tapes my mom made of Mouth Vs Ear and listened to some of them….it was fun remembering sitting in with my parents and listening to this show…we even called in on occasion..

  6. I loved him…. he got me through some really bad times…..God Bless you Dick Summer, I loved your Mouth vs Ear program and the Summer Sneaky Secret Sound..

  7. As a kid growing up in Brooklyn (I now reside in Michigan) Friday nights were the best part of the week. My dad recently passed away and I had a hard time dealing with it. I’d stay up very late looking out the window listening to the radio until one night I stumbled across M vs E. Friday nights were never the same! When I got a bit older my two best friends and I would drive around Brooklyn and sometimes Staten Island listening to the oldies station until Mouth vs Ear came on. Man, we had a blast! When the show was over we’d call it a night and look forward to the next Friday.
    Those were the days!!!

  8. Remember Friday nights 1979/80 listening to M vs E while I did my laundry at Rutgers U (only time to get access to the laundry room…) Also remember the original “Manilow Monday” – playing Manilow tunes every hour – and when Barry actually called in they hung up on him thinking him an imposter – hence the “don’t hang up on me” in this clip.

  9. This is an absolute fabulous segment, thanks Dick Summer! My question is why was Barry Manilow’s song all warbly in the beginning toward the end of the tape?

  10. So great to hear this again; brings back such great memories of my wife and I sitting in our bed playing along and laughing along with Dick Summer and the gang. Thanks for all the smiles!

  11. I loved Mouth vs Ear when I was in junior high, it was always the highlight of my week. I even called in a couple of times with riddles (I think they called them hoisters). I wish some recordings still existed of full shows

  12. Dick Summer, I found this site because I was missing M vs E, looking to see if anything still existed. Loved the show, loved you guys. Wish I had called in back in the day. Ya know, they have reunions, podcasts, and all kinds of stuff these days.

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