Russ Mottla, 97.9 WIYY Baltimore | June 1, 1990

Contributor Russ Varndell sent this one in last year and now that we’re freezing in January, its probably time for a Summer warm up!

This was recorded the weekend after Memorial Day, and ‘Detour’ Dave Sandler (WBAL 1090/WBAL-TV 11) is giving the traffic reports to Ocean City and all over the Baltimore area, from the helicopter. Note the scare Sandler gets toward the end of this aircheck as helicopter pilots jockey for landing zones.

From a time before computer automation and mp3’s (but not much), here’s Russ, juggling carts that fail to recue and fanfare carts that have been misplaced by the new morning show engineer! Russ is having a bad AIR day, but he does make the most of it.

A final note. This format here at 98 Rock was somewhat in transition. Its very much like the old Album Oriented Rock format of 10 years earlier, and includes artists (here) that get airplay on either Classic Rock, Classic Hits or AC stations now. I chopped one dead segue completely out… includes the Cranberries, who were considered “Alternative” in the 90s. How the heck was that Alternative?… oh, Grunge came along a few years later. 🙂

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2 Replies to “Russ Mottla, 97.9 WIYY Baltimore | June 1, 1990”

    • Steve West

      Hey Dave, I remember hearing your traffic reports every day on both 98 Rock and WBAL “Radio 11”. I know, same building. At the time I was an active duty naval reservist at Ft. McHenry, commuting from Annapolis every day. Spendng nights as one of the house DJ’S at Cancun Cantina.

      Had a great time in Baltimore for sure!

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