Don Cox on 79 WQXI Atlanta | 1972

790 Atlanta WQXI

It’s the natural progression of the WQXI broadcast day – Don Cox following Gary McKee on WQXI! Actually, it was next up on the same reel containing Mr. McKee from the same day. More great audio quality, but a few splices from me because for some reason, the person recording decided not to tightly scope this one as was the case for the McKee portion of the tape.

No matter, this is great, albeit short. More Quicksie for the fans!

79 WQXI Atlanta


  1. Steven Green

    I think Don was a native of Georgia. I heard that he died about five years ago.

    He became a “star disc jockey” in South Florida in the mid seventies. He had high ratings at Y-100 after joining them in 1974.

  2. When I was a jock at WGCL in Cleveland in 1973 Don Cox did afternoon drive for us for about 3 months.

    Later, when I moved on to Q105 in Tampa (Nov. ’73)…I found out Don had joined the new Y100 Miami.

    Great jock. May he RIP.

  3. Tim Davisson

    Don was a native of Cummings, Georgia.

    I think he was much better on Y100.

  4. Bill Thompson

    I remember Don when he was a student jock at WRFC in Athens, Georgia while attending UGA. We wanted to pledge him into our fraternity but he was married. He became a good friend and was one of the kindest people I ever met with one of the greatest voices on the planet. I remember how excited he was when he got his gig at WQXI. In later years while traveling, I heard him in Miami. I know he is missed by so many lives that he touched.

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