Lee Douglas with Elton John aka “EJ the DJ”, WXLO 99X New York | Summer 1975


Courtesy of Big Apple Airchecks - Thanks!Sir Elton John apparently was an accomplished DJ among his other talents! At least, he was after this raunchy appearance on the Mighty X!

Its the Summer of 1975. “Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heart” and “Philadelphia Freedom” were a year away from becoming Elton John’s mega-hits. But with a slew of rock classics under his belt, the pianist was at the first pinnacle of his long career. WXLO New York was in many ways, at the top of its game.

Someone at RKO General thought it would be a good idea to bring in Elton John for an appearance on 99X. What follows is anything but a typical artist appearance. Elton John comes in for several hours on 99x, talks up records, takes listener phhone calls – you’d think he was an old pro. In reality, he had a lot of help.

This aircheck takes a bit to get into. While Lee Douglas handles the first half of this show, EJ shows up about mid way through the aircheck. But, it’s entertaining nonetheless. Definitely worth 3 of your quarter hours!

PARENTAL ADVISORY: For strong language, adult-implied material.

WXLO 99X New York


  1. jon

    that was a treat the pre kiss fm days,.. great music mix,.. was leaning on urban some disco,.. that was cool

  2. Hello Elton John DJ In The Radio To Ninety-Nine XLO FM What Going From New York, Subway Train Broadway, Stereo 99x FM! Thanks Christopher.

  3. Dave

    This is a real treat for any EJ fan but I am wondering why you have this as summer of 75? If you listen to the show, what he says and the music, it seems clear that this is prior to his Thanksgiving show at Madison Square Garden in 1974, which would make this even more of a gem, as that show is so famous with Elton and John Lennon fans.In any case, Thank you for this rare recording.

    • Ken

      Hay Dave I agree because it references the new Paramus Park Mall which openned in 1974. In addition the “new” Billy Jack movie was probably “The Trial of Billy Jack” which was also released in 1974.

  4. Nick

    This aircheck is from Thursday May 15th 1975. Is anyone else having problems hearing the entire check? I can only hear about 5 minutes before it abruptly stops playing.

  5. Mark

    There’s actually THREE different airchecks on this…The first one from May 1975, the second segment from April 1977, and then the segment with Elton John seems to be from around Thanksgiving 1974.

  6. Jeannie

    I recorded this on my cassette player the day it aired. It is from Novemeber 1974. I was one of the lucky ones to be there on Thanksgiving night when John Lennon appeared!!!

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