Willie B. & Floyd Wright, WKCI KC-101 Hamden/New Haven CT | 1979


Originally posted on 10/21/04 in Real Audio format.

Kopps/Monahan was one of those small broadcast companies that believed in doing things right. In New Haven CT, their highly rated 13 WAVZ was a ratings success story. In 1979, they decided to launch the format on FM, flipping WKCI 101.3 to Top 40 as KC-101.

Here is a composite from later in their first year… Starting with Willie B. (whom I think was on WAVZ, KC-101’s sister AM Station) finishing with ‘Friendly’ Floyd Wright. Wright was later heard on WTIC-FM Hartford, then on WWYZ Waterbury, after the format flipped from AC to Country in 1988.

Update (12/16/11): These days, Wright is doing afternoons on Oldies 102.9 WDRC-FM.


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  1. Nick Sarames

    It should also be mentioned that Willie B. Good is also featured on this audio clip. I believe that WKCI switched from BM to top 40 in the Summer of ’79. WAVZ became “The Music of Your Life.” I believe before coming to New England, Floyd Right was doing evenings at WPTR Albany. You wonder why a natural in mornings did so many different air shifts? He also was heard on WYNY NY during the ’80s.

  2. Steve Mayhem

    I worked at four Connecticut top 40 stations in the late 70’s (I don’t remember if I used my real name or alias at this point) but seem to remember “Willie B” as the former Konrad Kane from WLNH, Laconia, NH (I would argue that “LNH” was among the very best finest small market stations in America at that time). My memory is pretty fuzzy about this though. Please correct me if I’m wrong.
    “Friendly Floyd” Wright is another great and under-appreciated air talent that also graced New Hampshire radio airwaves in the 70’s as I recall.

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