“Friendly Floyd” Wright, Curtis W. Hansen, 101.3 WKCI (KC-101) Hamden/New Haven | July 14, 1979

101.3 Hamden 101.3 New Haven WKCI KC101

In honor of the late Floyd Wright, here’s a very short aircheck scope of he and Curtis W on KC-101 shortly after the station’s 1979 debut.

Courtesy of Contributor Bob Gilmore.


  1. Norm Thibeault

    What?! Floyd has passed away? When?

  2. Norm Thibeault

    This is the first I hesr about Floyd’s passing. When did this happen? I knew Floyd for 50 years.

  3. Norm Thibeault

    Thank you for letting me know, Steve. A lot of folks, including me, will miss our dear friend, Friendly Floyd.

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