Gary Burbank, 790 WAKY Louisville | 1971

790 AM Louiville, WAKY

Gary Burbank WAKY WLW
Gary Burbank at 700 WLW Cincinnati
Date of Recording: 1971 (Exact Date Unknown)
Station: 790 WAKY (WGRC/WAKY/WVEZ/WWKY/WXXA/WKRD) Louisville, Kentucky, USA
Format: Top 40
Featured Air Personality: Gary Burbank (WAKY/CKLW/WLW)
Contributor: Rob Grayson (WHBQ/WMQM/WKTQ/WJDX/WMC/WMC-FM)
Airchexx Entry: 1,475

Today we will take a trip through the Louisville Children’s Zoo with Ranger Bob…


Considering the immense popularity of the recently retired Gary Burbank from 700 WLW, one would think there’d be more recordings of him among the various enthusiasts who recorded radio over the years. Yet, there are very few that can be found. Courtesy of one of our Memphis Contributors, Rob Grayson, Here’s an extremely high quality recording of Mr. Burbank on the old 79 WAKY. Other Wacky 79 airchecks were donated by longtime Memphis jock and WAKY alumn Tom Prestigiacomo, and this is one he’d be proud to hear for himself.

790 AM Louiville, WAKY

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  1. Panama Jack

    Gary Burbank was super-creative, very talented, and has a great voice to boot. I knew him and was friends with many of the other WAKY jocks at that time in history, Wierd Beird, Mason Lee Dixon, and PD Johnny Randolph. It was just a marvelous Radio station! If you’re a fan check out //

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