Gary McKee, 790 WQXI Atlanta | 1974-1976

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First posted to back in June of 2013. Instead of one aircheck of a particular show on WQXI, these are clips, or highlights of some of the funniest bits done by Gary McKee and Willis Caswell on the morning show. Some of these bits might seem a bit corny today, others are just really funny!

Gary McKee had the #1 morning show in Atlanta for much of the 1970s on WQXI (AM), before moving on to the FM side where he stayed near the top of the ratings for quite a while.
If you need to laugh today, watch THIS!

This aircheck was donated by Lewis Crosby, who at the time of this posting, was the President and GM of WMAK TV 7 Knoxville.


  1. Cliff

    Gee, the McKee show wasn’t funny then, and still isn’t. But thanks for giving us this as it does have some nostalgia value.

  2. Ken Wagner

    Great to hear Gary and Willis again. It brought back a lot of terrific memories!

  3. we ( my wife and I ) loved Garro! Miss hearing his voice on the air. I enjoyed all of his shows, including the talk show.

  4. peggy class of '76

    Gary was the best part of so many of my high school days.
    THANKS so much for starting my day out with smiles and laughter.
    Lingered in my car in the parking lot at school til the last minute to soak up as much as possible. THANKS for the memories!!

  5. C Van der G

    Aah– Remembering the countless hours spent listening to “The Home-Town Radio Show” on (News/Talk Radio AM-750, WSB)in the early 90’s….. It’s very interesting to hear McKee from years before. Also interesting, is the fact that his sense o’ humor/persona changed little-to-none (cheesy, simple, STUPID bits of “humor” [Billy Graham = Billy Graham CRACKER]….. Redicuously FORCED/FAKE laughter…..)

  6. Norma

    Thanks so much for sharing these bits from Gary McKee . . . much more refreshing than DJs today screaming about politics. Gary and his crew pretty much made fun of everyone, including themselves. I remember me, my friends and co-workers rehashing their comedy bits and having a second giggle of the day. Thanks again for the escapism back to the 70s.

  7. Munson's Toupee

    Gary’s morning show was an important part of my day from 1978 to the mid 80’s. I remember his silly sayings, “I’m too tan, too tall and too good looking”, and “I have money in every pocket, if I had more pockets, I’d have more money”, and also “I’m talking through this cardboard tube to sound important”.

  8. Bill Thompson

    Good ole Gar is legendary. He was always so damn easy to listen to and he and Willis made me laugh all the way to work. Oh, how I miss Gary McKee on QXI!!! It was the best morning drive on the planet. I hope he is well and enjoying retirement and it was sad to hear of Willis passing recently.

  9. Jonathan

    I wish somebody had some of his later shows with Yetta Levitt. They were much better! These clips make it sound like Willis was the star of the show.

    This was great to listen to! It sounds as fresh today as they were then! He is still the best morning man ever.

    I’ve taken some of these clips and added music from the period back in. It sounds just like his show. If you’d like a copy just leave a comment here and I’ll get in touch. (I’m not selling them but would be happy to send).

    I wish I could find my old cassette tapes because I recorded many hours of Garro in the late 70s-early 80s with Yetta.

  10. Mike FitzGerald


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