Gerry Forbes (and friends), 1050 CHUM Toronto | October 19, 1988

1050 Toronto CHUM TSN

Date of Recoding: 10.19.1988
Station: 1050 CHUM Toronto
Format: Gold Based Adult Contemporary
Branded: “Ten-Fifty Chum”
Featured Air Personality: Gerry Forbes, others
Contributor: Russ Horton (original recording)
Total Time: 27:15 (Telescoped – Two Stop Sets intact, Includes two newscasts)
Airchexx Entry: 1,557 (This means the total number of live airchecks on this site)

Ten-Fifty CHUM,… Elton John and a crock… of rock)

Curator’s Notes:

More than Gerry Forbes, this actually seems like two different morning shows spliced together. Two complete newscasts anchored by Paul Cross, and we kept the first two stopsets full of commercials, so that the listener gets to hear what’s going on in 1988. I spliced out the rest of the commercials except the promos for CHUM contests. You get the gist. This is an audio time machine going back to 1998, donated by Russ Horton from one of Canada’s largest archives.

Oh. Who are the “Others”? You have to listen to the aircheck to find out. Post your answers below!