Fred Latremouille, CFUN Vancouver BC | October 30, 1991


Date of Recording: 10.30.1991
Station: 1410 CFUN (CJCE/CFCQ/CKMO/CFUN/CKVN) Vancouver, BC, Canada
Format: Adult Contemporary
Branded: “14 C-Fun
Featured Air Personality: Fred Latremouille (10.21.1945 – 03.05.2015)
Contributor: Russ Horton
Total Time: 48:58 (Telescoped)
Airchexx Entry: 1,558

Stu is now perusing the C-Fun cartridge wall...

Curator’s Notes:

An historic recording featuring the longtime talents of the late Fred Latremouile, and the tail end of the second era of 1410 Vancouver’s “C-Fun” era. Much is written about both, online and in book form. For archival purposes, contributor Russ Horton and Airchexx present just over 3 quarter-hours of the scoped Fred Latremoulle morning show on C-Fun!

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