Harry Nelson, 94.5 WZOU Boston | March 7, 1987

94.5 FM Boston WZOU WCOZ WJMN WHDH-FM Brian Pierce Uncle Johnny Sunny Joe White

Harry NelsonThe all-new Z94 was really hot at this point, although not exactly ‘new’. WZOU came along in late 1984 from the ashes of Album Rocker turned Soft-AC WCOZ, and called itself 94-5 “The Zoo”. Z94 was a re-branding to help better compete with crosstown CHR’s WHTT HitRadio 103 and WXKS-FM “Kiss 108“. Inevitably, it didn’t work and Z94 would eventually go Urban as WJMN – “Jammin’ 94-5”, the station remains to this day.

Two points about this aircheck. First, its TIGHT… all the elemets fit perfectly and precisely, and second, this is Harry Nelson, who was so prominent at WRKO in it’s Top 40 days, and a legend in California at KFRC and so many other stations in places like Portland, Maine, etc. Nelson sounds fantastic here. As a bonus, the recording is so crisp its like it’s not even tape.

94.5 FM Boston WZOU WCOZ WJMN WHDH-FM Brian Pierce Uncle Johnny Sunny Joe White


  1. al stidham

    Although Harry does sound great in this aircheck, I miss the one liners and creativity he was able to display at KFRC, WJBQ, and other stations. Harry sounds passionate here, but restrained by the format. Harry Nelson is a talented guy, but this is not his finest hour.

  2. Harry Nelson

    I was the PD at Z-94….had not been on the air in over a year when I had to fill in for Jeffrres on this day. Thanks very much for the compliments. However…one correction. Z-94 died …not because it was not working, but because short sited ownership took the station in an A/C softer direction and released me. During my tenure…..My team an dI took…
    Z-94 moved 2.5 to 5.7 …and Kiss 108 fell 8.7 to 6.7. We were right on their tails. WZOU languished in bad programming for another year or two…until Steve Rivers took over and numbers went back up. AM/FM…now Clear Channel hired Steve away…at Kiss. Then changed format at WZOU to Jammin Hip Hop…..so it would be no longer competition to Kiss….smart move.

  3. Harry Nelson

    AM?FM now Clear Channel purchase WZOU from Arnold Lerner…shortly after Steve Rivers left for Kiss .

  4. Chris Sharp

    Harry the promo spot sounds like What A Guy Bobby Ocean, is that right ? Great sounding Hot Harry Nelson delivery, sounded great.

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