Hudson & Harrigan on KILT Houston | 1977

610 Houston KILT

And now… the legendary Hudson and Harrigan! Plenty of excitement and fun on this legendary Top 40 powerhouse in the waning days of AM Top 40!

This and the KRBE aircheck posted today came to us via an ‘anonymous’ contributor back around Christmastime 2004. Does this ring a bell – if you recorded this we’d sure like to know who you are!

KILT is now an all-sports station on 610, but back in 1977 this was THE station to listen to. Travel back in time with us now and imagine yourself heading to work listening to this pair on your car’s Delco AM radio… you remember, the one with one large speaker in the center of the dash… the one you probably bought an FM converter to try out with only to discover that AM still sounded better.


610 Houston KILT


  1. Jim Hanold

    As a former resident of Houston, it was great hearing
    Hudson and Harrigan, played by Mark Stevens and Jim
    Pruett. I listened to them from 1979-1981,first on KILT, then on KULF; then again on KLOL for three years after they returned from Dallas radio on Monday, March 31’st,1986.
    Mark and Jim were truly humorous and entertaining. I
    tape-recorded some of their KLOL shows from March,’86
    to March ’89, when I left Houston to live in the
    San Francisco Bay Area. If anybody has any recordings
    from Mark and Jim’s KULF “Stevens and Pruett” show, please send them in to! Thank you!

    • I had a LOT of S&P “Star Trots” from KULF days…but when working for Cheap Channel and they terminated me, they kept my cassettes I had at the station I was going to run through the EQ and clean up….I THINK I have one or two possibly left…out of 6 or more!! I loved S&P on KULF and few people seem to have air checks from their days there!

      • Brad Poole

        My dad and some buddies submitted a script for Star Trots and it was used on the air.

      • DJ

        Is there anyway of getting a copy of “The 12 Redneck Days of Christmas” anywhere?

        • I haven’t seen a copy of that in a long time. Funny as hell though. We played it at Froggy 94/Memphis back when I was there but I haven’t seen or heard it in years.

  2. mark

    I stumbled into your comment about Hudson and Harrigan. Couldn’t agree more – a truly great team.

    A few weeks ago I was shocked outta my socks when I ran into Jim Pruett. He now owns a small but quite successful gun shop in northwest Houston.

    I think his website is now

    Just thot you might be interested.


    • thomas reynolds

      I have an old KILT album produced by Buzz Curtis

  3. Jon. Copeland

    I grew up in Boston, and listened to WMEX with WOO-WOO Ginsberg,and the power house of WBZ, but
    WBZ and WMEX couldn’t hold a candle to “THE BIG 610, KILT”. Hudson and Harrigan were the best.
    I am glad I taped lots of their morning shows
    I still chuckle when I hear H&H on KILT.

  4. Glen Ashworth

    One of the best teams of all times.
    Jim was on the Lars Larson Show a couple months back.

  5. Rodney Rankin

    I grew up in both Dallas and Houston, so I had the great good fortune of listening first to Hudson & Harrigan as a child in the car with my dad. (I was too young for some of those jokes!) When I was a teenager I “re-discovered” them as Stevens and Pruett on Eagle 97. I even sent in Uncle Waldo scripts!

    If anyone has saved any recordings of S & P, please share them!

  6. I remember Seymour Brumwant, one of H & H’s characters that would make a daily “visit” each morning on AM 610.

    These are the very roots of the modern-day comic/dj’s (if you can call them that) like Bob ‘n Tom.

    • To Matt Crowder:

      A friendly correction: the characters name was Seymour Broomwad!

      I, too, enjoyed listening to the H&H resident drunk guy!

      I audio-cassette recorded some of the Hudson and Harrigan programs,
      starring Fred Kennedy and Randy Hames, from December,1981 until March,
      1989, when I lived in Houston!

      It has been fun listening to those cassettes over the years, as well as listening to recent H&H audio segements via //!

      Take care! Best wishes, from Jim Hanold!

  7. Julie Sulivan

    wanted to know if you could contact George Strait Tim McGray Kenny Chessney or Terry Clark to let them know that Rick Robinson passed away Saturday.
    Julie Sullivin

    • If I had their contact info I would :). Who knows, perhaps they’ll read this and respond – but that would assume that we’re big enough to even attract those guys attention (which I somehow doubt)!

  8. Blake Lawrence

    I remember recording this, but I did not submit it to this site. It must have been copied and traded a few times along the way, and I take no credit for the every-2-second hiccups on the tape! The Shotgun Cook and CC McCartney KRBE airchecks are also my recordings, but likewise someone else submitted them. And I certainly didn’t submit the aircheck of myself, but I thank whoever did…it allowed my most recent air staffers to have a few laffs at their PD’s expense! I only stumbled onto the aircheck of me today – now I know how they might have found evidence of my on-air work, which I usually try to cloak in secrecy!

    • Blake, email me please. If you recorded this I want you to get the credit and perhaps you have a better copy. Apologies for this showing up without your name. The contributor was a trader. -West

  9. MIke Fontenot

    Man does this bring back memories! I was 9 years old when this came out in 77, and I loved S&P as H&H with the Story Guys skits, then I loved S&P on KLOL and the Uncle Waldo skits.
    Radio in Houston is just not the same anymore! RIP Mark Stevens…you are missed!

  10. Catch classic Uncle Waldo skits on Rock 101 KLOL. The Runaway Radio is broadcasting live 24/7 online. Tune in and check it out.

  11. Broomwad… Easy Elliott Kilgore “the world’s greatest three-fingered guitar picker”, the Waxahatchie Home for the Incurably Horny….truly memorable and hilarious material….”Miss BackYard America”.. held in Klute…. the winning duo performed the tune ‘Oh, My God, I Appreciate Your Bod’…

  12. Seymore broom wad was my favorite, around 8 am he would bust in the door making a rude entrance, Rattle off some of the crazies stuff, and argue with H and H. And just like that he was gone, till the next morning. I listen to them every morning at work, made my day. Was a great time, great radio station with Great DJS, and music. I miss living in the Greater Houston area.

  13. The last comment is referring to KILT AM Radio. HUDSON AND HARRIGAN 70S, 80S

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