Allen Beebe, KLDE ‘Oldies 94.5’ Houston

Station: 94.5 KLDE (KBTZ/KARO/KLEF) Houston Format: Oldies Branded: “Good Times, Great Oldies” Ownership: AMFM, Incorporated Featured Air Personality: Allen Beebe (KNOE AM-FM/KMJC/WNBC/KNOX/KODE/KGBC/KNFX/WEZB) Contributor: Big Apple Airchecks “I am Beebe…“ Voluntary Subscription Options Yearly Subscription : $80.00 USD – yearlyMonthly : $10.00 USD – monthlyWeekly : $3.00 USD – weekly Curator’s Notes: Over the years, airchexx has acquired a number of great airchecks featuring the talents of Allen Beebe. From markets like New Orleans to New York City to Houston, Beebe has been heard in a diverse mix of radio stations. Here, the station known as “Good Times, Great Oldies”, KLDE is featured at a spot in history which is just pr...

Barry Kaye, 107.5 KLDE Lake Jackson (Houston), TX | November, 2002

Date of Recording: 11.xx.2002 Station: KLDE (KGLK/KHGC/KBTZ/KZFX/KGOL) Lake Jackson, Texas, USA Format: Oldies Featured Air Personality: Barry Kaye Date of Posting: 08.31.2017 Total Time: 12:04 Airchexx Entry: 1,504 Curator’s Comments: Judging by the number of call letters attached to the 107.5 frequency (according to fccinfo.com), format changes here seem to be rather frequent. This makes perfect sense when coupled with Contributor Tom Lawler’s comments about the frequency being fairly low powered compared to other Houston area signals, thus, probably no format was able to make the dent in ratings that management hoped. Still, listening to the aircheck, Barry Kaye is doing his best to get around the liners and constant contest promoting required each break and sounds great her...

Little Joe and Tubby on the Lisa Dent Morning Show, KIKK Houston | March 16, 1999

Date of Recording: 03.16.1999 Station: 95.7 KIKK-FM (KIKK/KKHH/KHJZ) Houston, Texas, USA Format: Contemporary Country Featured Air Personalities: “Little Joe”, Tubby Lawler Contributor: Tom Lawler Post Date: 08.30.2017 Airchexx Entry: 1,502 Comments: As much of coastal Texas tries to recover from Hurricane Harvey, I thought the best thing I could do for them, being a radio archival site, was to post an aircheck or two from the Houston area. This is posted in the hope and prayers that everyone affected fully recovers, physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially. May the God of your understanding be with you during this time of disaster. Description by our Contributor: “Here is one of the many iterations of KIKK-FM after being purchased by Westinghouse in 1993 – an...

“Radio Magazine”, 1070 KENR Houston | November, 1982

Date of Recording: 11.xx.1982 Station: 1070 KENR (KCRR/KRBE/KKHT/KNTH) Houston, Texas, USA Format: Full Service Oldies Featured Air Personalities: Bruce Barker, Chuck Scott, Penny Crohn (News); Jeannie Long (Horoscopes); Paul Harvey (News & Comment) Contributor: Robyn Watts Airchexx Entry: 1,460 …”You have 15 minutes to call me at 390-K E N R and you’ll be a winner” Comments: The current 1070 KNTH Houston bears no resemblance to the station formerly known as KENR. Going back to 1982, this was a station that boasted full news and sports departments, and an Oldies format that teetered on Standards, as the station played a wide variety of music from Do-Wop 50s oldies to Frank Sinatra. The morning show was billed as “Radio Magazine” and included compreh...

Julie Williams, Ernie Brown; 790 KULF Houston | October 24, 1981

If its been 33 years since you heard this, you’re not alone and in good company! KULF sounds Bigtime, running a full service AM format and playing all the hits, minus the real hard rock stuff. This sounds NICE! And yes, it would have been nicer had this been a more crisp recording, but this will do. Julie Williams mostly just goes by just Julie. Its sounds like late afternoon. There’s a full newscast by Randy Kendrick. Its all live, and while scoped, you will enjoy hearing those once-overplayed hits by Kenny Rogers, Air Supply and Sheena Easton, along with a rare catch from the Atlanta Rhythm Section. Ernie Brown takes over at 6pm and he gets a couple of breaks in before the end. Comments? Please post below! Courtesy of BigAppleAirchecks!

The Gary Ryder Road Show, 610 KILT Houston | 1981

Gary Ryder checked in with some audio of himself on COUNTRY 610 KILT. Much like KHJ in Los Angeles, KILT had been a full blown Top 40 station but saw ratings slide with the increase in FM radio listening. In this case, KILT flipped to Country shortly after the FM side dropped its AOR format for Country, and 610 opted to simulcast the FM for much of the day, but as you can tell here, not ALL of the day, as this is a live AM-Only show for truckers. Could this have been a precursor to “The Road Gang” show, long broadcast from WWL New Orleans? We’ll have to ask our Contributor!

Barry Kaye, 610 KILT Houston | 1974

New Contributor John Hale writes, “…here’s the aircheck Barry Kaye cut at KILT back in ’74 that won him DJ of the year recognition. And no wonder he won the award. There should be an award category for the most high-energy personality! Compare Barry Kaye to someone like Jack “Your Leeeeeeeeeeeeeder” Armstrong, and you get the picture.

Blake Lawrence on KKBQ Houston | 1985

Here’s an aircheck that’s most definitely worth posting here! Broadcasting in AM Stereo, KKBQ, known as “Hot 79Q” is a serious Top 40 contender. You have to have been there. In 1985, there was, for a time, a resurgence of AM top 40 as a handful of stations nationwide tried to come back as music stations while pushing the then FCC endorsed C-Quam AM Stereo system. It sounded great on the stations that did actually go stereo and many of these stations had fantastic sounding streamlined CHR formats! Unfortunately, the AM stereo experiment was an utter failure, mainly because of the failure of the industry and radio manufacturers to promote or even mass produce receivers capable of receiving AM Stereo. Kinda like today’s HD Radio, aka IBOC (which stands for In Ban...

Hudson & Harrigan on KILT Houston | 1977

And now… the legendary Hudson and Harrigan! Plenty of excitement and fun on this legendary Top 40 powerhouse in the waning days of AM Top 40! This and the KRBE aircheck posted today came to us via an ‘anonymous’ contributor back around Christmastime 2004. Does this ring a bell – if you recorded this we’d sure like to know who you are! KILT is now an all-sports station on 610, but back in 1977 this was THE station to listen to. Travel back in time with us now and imagine yourself heading to work listening to this pair on your car’s Delco AM radio… you remember, the one with one large speaker in the center of the dash… the one you probably bought an FM converter to try out with only to discover that AM still sounded better.

Shotgun Cook & C.C. McCartney, 104.1 KRBE Houston | 1977

And now, some Mid-70s FM Top 40 Gold! KRBE has a long history doing Top-40/CHR in Houston – in fact, it’s still the hit music ratings leader! This features two jocks who were prominent in the late 70s during a time when KRBE’s format was a mix of Top-40 and hard Rock ‘hits’. You’ll hear that in this aircheck! [etv] Total Time: 15:17 | Monaural

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